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Activities Detail

Localization of activityVoie navigable du St-Laurent: Traverse du Nord, Bécancour, Lac St-Pierre, Traverse Cap-Santé
Beginning of activity2019-06-01
End of activity2019-10-12
Type of dredgingMaintenance dredging
Types of equipment Mechanical dredges  |  Hydraulic dredges
Types of spoil Gravel (3%)  |  Stones (1%)  |  Sand (95%)  |  Pebbles (1%)
Spoil disposal Open water
Surface dredged (m²)
Volume dredged (m³)

Activity sites

Type of siteLatitudeLongitudeMap Link
Dredging Site 47.04624459413327 -70.74768685597479 Google Maps
Disposal Site 46.660600605665984 -71.72538418790748 Google Maps
Disposal Site 47.09534996388491 -70.67009591359198 Google Maps
Dredging Site 46.40946854997492 -72.37368579766388 Google Maps
Disposal Site 47.038289945269504 -70.70168160695135 Google Maps
Dredging Site 46.66531297642116 -71.80984158536842 Google Maps
Disposal Site 46.238905819674024 -72.78563032697605 Google Maps
Disposal Site 46.48159834339791 -72.22562031956346 Google Maps
Dredging Site 46.1823611900711 -72.87420759748386 Google Maps
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The main objective of the registry is to improve the management of dredging activities in Quebec by facilitating the long-term planning of such activities. To know more about the history and functionning of The St. Lawrence Dredging Activities Registry, visit the about us section.


A serie of ressources are available : integrated management of dredging and sediments, regulation, publications and related web sites.