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Identify and promote public access points

Urban development, artificial shoreline development, and the degradation of aquatic and river habitats have resulted in the loss of several uses of the St. Lawrence River. Some recreational and public uses, as well as the quality of life for shoreline residents, are especially jeopardized by the degradation of the water and natural environments, by conflicts between users and by riverbank erosion. Sustainable use depends in part on the maintenance and development of environment- and ecosystem-friendly ways for the public to access to the St. Lawrence.

Projects 2011-2016

Apply Earth observation technologies (EOTs) to validate site inventories and data on uses of and numbers of visits to sites with public access

This project will demonstrate the applicability of land observation technologies to validating inventories, uses and access points as well as to monitoring visitor traffic at these points.

Read the backgrounder for this project. Consult the directory of public access to the St. Lawrence.