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Eligible Projects

Projects eligible under the CIP are divided into four project types and the funding received depends on the category selected. In this section, you’ll find a description of the four types of eligible projects and examples of projects funded by the CIP, all with the shared goal of improving the St. Lawrence ecosystem.

PIC success stories

Eligible Types of Projects

Eligible Types of ProjectsProgram Contribution
Public awareness projectsup to $100,000*
Study/action projectsup to $200,000*
Study/action projectsjusqu'à concurrence de 200 000 $*.
Biodiversity protection projects
Restoration projects

* For more details, please see the Project Presentation Guide.

Examples of CIP-Funded Projects


Awareness Projects

Problem encountered: survival difficulties for shorebird eggs

Solution proposed to the CIP: project to raise awareness among ATV users regarding the importance of not driving on beaches during bird nesting periods. Measuring of the survival rate in the nest at the end of the project and a survey with target groups to measure the project’s impact and behavioral changes.


Study Projects

Problem encountered: survival difficulties for a population of turtles threatened by habitat degradation and loss.

Solution proposed to the CIP: study project aimed at characterizing a site in order to make recommendations in terms of conservation or restoration based on the source of the problem.

Read about a project carried out by the Fondation québécoise pour la protection du patrimoine naturel: Intervention plan for the Réserve naturelle des Battures-de-Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures


Study-Action Projects

Problem encountered: shoreline erosion and habitat destruction due to increased access to a site with fragile areas.

Solution proposed to the CIP: study-action project aimed at documenting the problem and possible solutions together with the various users and implementing the solutions by restricting access and restoring the gaps with plants.

Read about a project carried out by ZIP committee of Lake Saint-Pierre: Assessing the tributary streams of Lake Saint-Pierre in order to improve water quality and wildlife habitats

Icône protection ou restauration de la biodiversité

Biodiversity Restoration or Protection Projects

Problem encountered: degradation in water quality in a main or secondary tributary of the St. Lawrence.

Solution proposed to the CIP: project for the restoration of riparian wetlands and the expansion of the riparian strip beyond the regulated zone in order to reduce sediment load, fertilizers or pesticides.

Read about a project carried out by the Gulf North Shore ZIP Committee: Restoration and enhancement of the mouth of the Brochu River.

Sending Your Application

Submit a request for funding from the Community Interaction Program by following these few steps:

* It is recommended to download the files to fill in the information and to submit by email.  

The deadline to submit your project proposal is October 18th, 2023. 

*You should receive an acknowledgement of receipt after the submission of your funding application by email. Please note that your email message must not exceed 10 MB due to inbox limits. Any message exceeding this size will not be delivered. If your email contains multiple files and exceeds the limit, be sure to compress the files, provide a link to a transfer site, or send multiple emails, using the same email subject line.