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Advisory and Coordination Committees

Thematic coordination committees address issues requiring broad collaborative action in areas such as agriculture, climate change and navigation. These committees are made up of representatives of the governments of Canada and Quebec along with additional members (civil society and users) concerned by the particular issues targeted.

In addition to promoting collaboration with a view to developing action plans and specific intervention strategies, the coordination committees assist in the development and implementation of projects under the Program of Joint Actions and play a consulting role to the Agreement Steering Committee.

Climate Change

The Climate Change Advisory Committee (CCC) reports directly to the Agreement Steering Committee. The committee advises the issues committees and working groups during project planning periods so that climate change is taken into account across the board in all SLAP projects.

The CCC coordinates activities to disseminate knowledge and information on best practices among stakeholders concerned by climate change adaptation for the St. Lawrence, including webinars. These webinars focus on the various issues related to climate change and the St. Lawrence. Themes are chosen primarily based on the knowledge needs expressed during the planning of SLAP projects. These webinars contribute to the creation of a community of practices and facilitate collaboration among stakeholders.


The Agriculture Coordination Committee, in collaboration with the Water Quality Issue Committee, aims to coordinate actions taken by the agricultural community to minimize the impacts of agricultural activities on the water quality of the St. Lawrence River and its tributaries.

Specific objective:

  • Coordinate the interventions made by the different programs and organizations, including but not limited to along the shores of Lake Saint-Pierre as a priority action area.

Navigation Coordination Committee (NCC)

The Navigation Coordination Committee (NCC) was created in 1998, following studies conducted within the framework of the St. Lawrence Plan on the environmental impacts of commercial navigation and recreational boating. The NCC is composed of representatives from the marine industry, environmental stakeholders, governments, and the public. In 2004, the committee unveiled its first Sustainable Navigation Strategy for the St. Lawrence.

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