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Integrated management of the St. Lawrence (IMSL)

Many parties are concern with the health of the St. Lawrence. The governments of Canada and Quebec act within their respective jurisdictions in managing the St. Lawrence, particularly through programs operated by their departments, organizations and agencies. Their work is complemented by activities conducted by municipalities, Indigenous communities, all users of the St. Lawrence, and civil society. An integrated approach to managing the St. Lawrence was born out of the need to coordinate the efforts of all stakeholders.

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Definition: A permanent process based on the cooperation of all decision-makers, users and civil society for the planning and more effective harmonization of measures governing the protection and use of the resources of this important ecosystem.

Goal:  To ensure that the interests and requirements of the various players involved are represented to ensure that their activities and interventions are coordinated in a coherent manner from a sustainable development perspective.

Actions : 

Stakeholders in the Integrated Management

Water Resource Governance

New water resource governance was established in Quebec with the adoption of the Québec Water Policy in 2002 and confirmed by the adoption of the Act to Affirm the Collective Nature of Water Resources and Provide for Increased Water Resource Protection in 2009. This legislation confirmed Quebec’s interest in proceeding with the integrated management of the St. Lawrence. The act stipulates that the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change may provide:

« […] for the establishment of governance mechanisms to ensure, for all or part of the St. Lawrence, co-operation between users and stakeholders in various sectors, and the planning and harmonization of measures for the protection and efficient use of water resources and water-dependent natural resources […] ».