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The Canada-Quebec Agreement on the St. Lawrence: Working Together Since 1988

The governments of Canada and Quebec have been working together since 1988 to conserve and develop the St. Lawrence. Their joint efforts have helped to:

  • reduce pollution;
  • protect human health;
  • conserve, rehabilitate and develop animal and plant habitats;
  • encourage sustainable navigation practices; and
  • promote community outreach and involvement.

Building on their existing achievements, the governments are continuing and expanding their collaboration under the auspices of the <media 948 - - "TEXTE, Entente_final_ang, Entente_final_ang.pdf, 377 KB">St. Lawrence Action Plan 2011-2026</media> (PDF, 377 ko), which consolidates the efforts of a record number of 18 government departments, ministries and agencies.Governments also reniew their commitments in 2017 with the signature of the amendment of the agreement (PDF / HTML).

Ministers Pierre Arcand et Peter Kent signing the Canada-Quebec Agreement on the St. Lawrence 2011-2026

Photo: Environment Canada 2011

The St. Lawrence Action Plan 2011-2026 is...