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How to reconcile navigation and marine life protection?

G2T3M Newsletter
The St. Lawrence is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world with over 5,000 ships using this passage every year, which increase the risk of collision with marine mammals. How to reconcile navigation and marine life protection?

The Working Group on Marine Traffic and Protection of Marine Mammals (G2T3M), affiliated with the Navigation Coordination Committee (NCC), has, since 2013, implemented four voluntary measures to reduce the risk of ship strikes with whales and minimize the impact of noise on belugas. In this first Newsletter, the G2T3M proposes to take a look at the actions in place for a more sustainable management of navigation activities in the St.Lawrence and to better protect marine mammals.

Discover the achievements towards a better reconcialiation between marine traffic and marine life in the St.Lawrence.

G2T3M Newsletter