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State of the St. Lawrence 2019: A slight improvement, but a fragile balance

Photo of the St. Lawrence in the Fall

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Invasive alien species
Water levels
Water Quality
The latest version of the Overview of the State of the St. Lawrence 2019 is now published! Updated every five years by the Working Group on the State of the St. Lawrence Monitoring, the Overview provides a diagnosis of the state of the St. Lawrence River. To do so, partners analyze at regular intervals, some 20 environmental indicators related to water, sediment, biological resources, shorelines and uses of the St. Lawrence River. The results make it possible to assess the state of the ecosystem and to provide guidance for decision-making towards ensuring conservation and sustainability of the St. Lawrence.

The Overview also addresses emerging environmental issues in the River: nutrient overload in Lake Saint-Pierre, acidification of the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the impacts of climate change on the River's tributaries. 

Learn more about the state of the St. Lawrence River and the work of the St. Lawrence Action Plan by watching our series of video vignettes focussed on monitoring of the St. Lawrence River: