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Renewal of the Canada-Quebec Agreement on the St. Lawrence

The governments of Canada and Quebec are announcing an investment of $39 million and $25 million respectively for the five-year period 2021-2026.

This investment intends to support scientific research, develop conservation projects and support community initiatives under the St. Lawrence Action Plan (SLAP).

The renewal of this agreement and the adoption of the new program will contribute to making the St. Lawrence a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations. The 2021-2026 program includes 32 joint projects that will allow specialists and scientists from Canada and Quebec to continue their joint efforts focused on three main priorities: ensuring sustainable use, contributing to protect the biodiversity, and improving water quality of the St. Lawrence. Monitoring of the state of the St. Lawrence and supporting community initiatives will continue in order to contribute to a better understanding of changes in the state of the water and the ecosystem of the St. Lawrence.

In order to adapt to the emerging issues facing the St. Lawrence, the governments of Canada and Quebec committed in 2011 to renew their partnership until 2026. The continued collaboration of the nineteen departments and agencies involved will allow for concerted action for the health and future of the St. Lawrence.